Dr Samantha Mitschke

Educator, lecturer, researcher and writer

Dr Samantha Mitschke is a Holocaust theatre historian, specialising in plays and performances that depict the Nazi persecution of Jews and other groups from 1933 onwards.

Her focus is on the exploration and teaching of history through human stories, from victims and survivors to resisters and perpetrators.

…Your guidelines of how the play cannot teach, it can only inform about a specific experience was so needed. Excellent food for thought!

Attendee, “Nazis, Monsters, Fairytales?”

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4 September 1942: “Give me your children”

Featuring a reading by actor Tobias Menzies, this post looks at Jewish leader Chaim Rumkowski’s “Give me your children” speech, in which he asks the inhabitants of the Łódź ghetto to hand over their children for deportation in a bid to save the ghetto. Content warning.

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2 August / Porrajmos: Resources

Following on from last week’s post, a list of resources about the history of the Porrajmos, Porrajmos-related performances, and Roma/Romani arts organisations.

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