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2 August / Porrajmos: Resources

Following on from last week’s post, a list of resources about the history of the Porrajmos, Porrajmos-related performances, and Roma/Romani arts organisations.

Please note that the following lists aren’t exhaustive – I really encourage you to look at these resources and to find others. Once you start looking, there’s much, much more!

Romani children play outside at the Jargeau internment camp, France (c. 1941-45). – Centre de recherche et de documentation sur les camps (

Porrajmos history: Articles, resources and organisations

Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, Sinti and Roma (Gypsies) in Auschwitz: (Article)

Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, The Roma in Auschwitz: (Comprehensive online lesson / teaching resource), Austrian Ministry of Education, International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance and Memorial de la Shoah, The Fate of European Roma and Sinti during the Holocaust: (Comprehensive online teaching resource)

Ian Hancock / Presencia Gitana, O Porrajmos: The Romani Holocaust: (Article)

In Minorita: (Organisation / website)

Milan Šimečka Foundation, Osudy tých čo prežili Holokaust (Fates of those who survived the Holocaust) (Details of Roma Holocaust testimonies)

Sinti Roma Holocaust Memorial Trust: (Organisation)

TIME: The Persecution of the Roma Is Often Left Out of the Holocaust Story. Victims’ Families Are Fighting to Change That: (Article)

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM), Genocide of European Roma (Gypsies) 1939-1945: (Article)

University of California / Holocaust Living History, Porrajmos: The Romani and the Holocaust with Ian Hancock: (Video)

The Wiener Holocaust Library / United Nations, Forgotten Victims: The Nazi Genocide of the Roma and the Sinti: (Online exhibition)

Performances about / addressing the Porrajmos

Crystal’s Vardo by Suzanna King (UK):

Crystal’s Vardo – educational booklet:

Crystal’s Vardo – short film:

Crystal’s Vardo – full recording:

Kali Traš (Black Fear) by Giuvlipen (Romania):

Kali Traš (Black Fear) – trailer:

Kali Traš (Black Fear) – full recording with English subtitles:

See also:

Romani theatre companies, arts organisations and resources

Romany Theatre Company (UK):

Romani Arts (UK):

Giuvlipen (Romania):

Mihaela Drăgan, From Cultural Appropriation to Self-Representation: A History of Roma Theatre in Romania:

HowlRound, Roma Theatre Series:

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