March 2021: Nazis, Monsters, Fairytales?

On 23 March 2021, the Holocaust Resource Center of Kean University hosted a workshop by Dr. Samantha Mitschke on Holocaust plays for younger audiences.

Theatre is often used as a way of introducing the subject of the Holocaust to younger students, frequently offering a dynamic and more ‘personal’ way into the material. But what are ‘good’ plays for younger audiences? What are the benefits – and pitfalls – of ‘Holocaust plays’? And how can these play texts be used in the classroom?

In the session, participants discussed these key questions; explored examples of different Holocaust plays for younger audiences; and considered how plays can be used to complement teaching about the Holocaust.

Your knowledge is so wide and impressive! And the level of engagement with the audience was refreshing. […] You brought such an openness and warmth to a difficult topic.

Attendee, “So You Think You Know Anne Frank?”

Watch the full session below: